Monday, November 22, 2010

walk, let the earth talk

Maria's mom Linda is a wonderfully inspired individual. She seems to always be thinking of the world creatively. Case in point: this labyrinth she created out of fall leaves in her backyard.

Photo courtesy of Linda

As you or may not be able to see, this is a replica of the labyrinth that famously is found on the floor of Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres, France. There is another recreation of the labyrinth in New Harmony, IN. But since the labyrinth is supposed to be used as a tool for meditation, I like the idea of its being made of leaves that can— at any moment or over time— blow away or become again part of the soil. It really drives home the concept of making peace with the earth. I've gathered that Linda and her friends walked her labyrinth this past weekend while the moon was full. Coolest thing ever!


  1. Shanti,
    It was absolutely marvelous walking the labyrinth in the moonlight with your Mom and Dad and two of my other friends Theresa and Woody McFading. The night before I walked it with Nick (my husband). Today, I reworked for a digital photo imaging class. The wind cooperated. I will post a picture later when I get the project completed.
    I love you blog, btw.

  2. Sounds fantastic, Linda! Hopefully I'll get to see it tomorrow, though this weather isn't promising as far as the labyrinth's surviving it.
    Thanks for the blog compliment, too! It's really fun. Looking forward to tomorrow!! xx