Monday, January 31, 2011

matchbook magazine

Have you seen Matchbook Magazine yet? It's an online-only publication that launched just last week! I'm really enjoying it. Katie, Jane and Fallon call it "Field Guide to a Charmed Life"— it's an eclectic collection of fashion, design, beauty, travel and anything else you can imagine falling under the umbrella of culture. In other words, just my cup of tea.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh yes oh yes. Last night I was on assignment for Bloom Magazine to photograph Brice Fox and Daniel Weber, who made this video... (Have you seen it?)

My assignment was to photograph them at IU/Illinois game, where they would be in costume as their self-created characters, Chi Chi and Tino. The energy was high and the score was neck-and-neck through the whole game, which ended with an IU win of 52-49. I won't pretend to really know much about basketball and instead quote the Indiana Daily Student's headline that says "IU defeats first ranked opponent in Crean era." It was such a thrill and privilege to be on the court for this historical game! And to get to photograph these super creative, talented and motivated guys who love our school so much... The spirit was infectious!

"We got banners on the wall
And this is how we balllll"

P.S. It was also pretty cool to get a text from Ashley halfway through the game that she'd just seen me on TV. =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sculptures at the met

New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art is easily one of my favorite museums in the world. Jamie over at From Me To You recently put up a gorgeous collection of photos that she took of the statues at the Met. There's so much emotion and her photos really do justice to the beauty and skill of these pieces.

All photos are by and courtesy of Jamie at From Me To You

Thanks, Joanna, for the tip!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday, michele and ashley!

happiest of birthdays to two beautiful women! I am beyond honored to have them in my life...

and my cousin Ashley!

two January goddesses (Aquarians, no less) who bring me warmth...

p.s. selection of bright summery photos is no coincidence ;)

top photo courtesy of Michele
bottom photo courtesy of Daniel Knight's Studio B Photography

Monday, January 24, 2011

celebrities on the subway

When I'm in New York, I take the Subway a lot. In my experience, celebrities don't really do this. Thanks to People, we now know that they do. Cool.

Anne Hathaway

Hugh Jackman

Liev Schreiber

Friday, January 21, 2011

new yorker comic

Loving how The Monkeys You Ordered literalizes New Yorker cartoons. Happy Friday!

Courtesy of Comics Alliance

knitted coffee-cozy

My co-worker Kristen from Tucker Publishing Group has been knitting for the past couple years, and a few days ago I came across these photos of these darling coffee-cozies she made! I love how they make a hot drink seem even cozier.

Photos courtesy of Kristen

Kristen got the pattern here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

jane krakowski at the golden globes

Somehow, in my full viewing of the Golden Globes last week, I managed to miss Jane Krakowski's gorgeous gown.

Photo courtesy of

This perfectly understated Badgley Mischka gown recalls simultaneously the style of Julius Caesar with its drapery and Helen Mirren with its sexy-and-dramatic-but-still-tasteful neckline. I also love the subtle interest added by the use of different materials— notice the top portion that appears to be made of a material with slightly more sheen than the skirt and the lace panel on her left. It's all effortlessly balanced, too— with the one-shoulder detail on her right and the lace panel adding length on her left, there is a delightful diagonal eye line drawn across her body. Add that deep-breath graceful muted cornflower blue and the whole ensemble becomes truly a vision.

p.s. Congratulations to Jane on her pregnancy!

p.s. I've recently become a huge fan of 30 Rock.

personas, via mit

Several of my classes this semester are focusing on the effects of new media and devises on journalism. (Of course, I would blog about it.) Since the Web allows each of us to have an individual presence, we thought we'd use MIT's Personas tool to measure "how the Internet sees" each of us. The search technology determines the categories into which the information about you on the Web falls. It's interesting to see how you appear... try it!

Courtesy of The New Yorker

P.S. I am loving MIT's home page photo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Over break, Maria and I decided to hit up Blush on Evansville's Riverside Drive. (Sipping cosmos at Rebar in Chicago gave us the necessary swagger for a slick joint like Blush.)

I'd only been before in the daytime when we did the photoshoot for Evansville Living's July/August 2010 cover last summer. (The image we ended up using was actually outside on the patio.)

Photo by Jerry Butts, courtesy of Tucker Publishing Group

Blush is a beautifully decorated lounge. It's predominantly white with touches of filtered but nonetheless saturated colored light. The most impressive aspect is the presentation of liquors— they are lined up on shelves behind the bar that stand probably about fifteen feet tall and are accompanied by a couple rolling ladders that the bartender climbs to access bottles. (If I were the bartender, I would be so nervous climbing up there holding expensive bottles of liquor!)

Blush has a major selection of vodkas— they predominantly use Van Gogh Vodka, which comes in bottles with colorful, pretty and— dare I say?— post-Impressionistic labels. There are at least a dozen flavors— Dutch caramel, pomegranate, espresso. They even have a superfood variety— A├žai-Blueberry (®). Fun to look at, even if you're not drinking any! And like The Irish Lion, it was a sweet place to have a good conversation with a friend.

Photos courtesy of Tim Schapker on Flickr

Monday, January 17, 2011

woody allen at iu

I have a new job at the IU School of Journalism. 2011 marks 100 years of Journalism at IU, and a huge portion of the work I'm doing involves promoting the Centennial Celebration (which will be held here in Bloomington this coming September 16-18). (wink!)

Anyway, while finding information for past staff members at the Indiana Daily Student, I've been browsing through old issues of the paper in these huge heavy archive books. It's fascinating. These books are literally bigger than my torso (which makes them a bit of a hassle to handle) and it's so cool to see what was happening here when I was just a child, or in some cases, when my parents were children. Coolest to me was coming across an announcement that Woody Allen would be visiting campus on the night of December 4, 1965. (I love Woody Allen.)

Here's the ad found in the December 4, 1965 IDS.

On December 5, 1965, the IDS ran a story about Mr. Allen's visit to campus. He gave two separate performances, both of which were sparsely attended. He told funny stories about his ridiculous childhood. (I guess if you missed these performances, you could just watch some Woody Allen movies to catch up.) And he shared that he was currently getting ready to film Take the Money and Run. He was also planning to go to Las Vegas the next week, but was certain he would have plenty of time to write there "because he finds Las Vegas 'one of the most boring places' he's ever been."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

burt's bees

In the bleak midwinter (a.k.a. this week) I ran out of Burt's Bee's lip balm. For two whole days I had none. I couldn't even concentrate because my wind-chapped, heater-dried lips were so sore! Last night, Lynn and I made a run to Bloomingfoods, where I was finally able to buy another tube.

Photo courtesy of The Fire Wire

I prefer the classic, original, no-frills (but plenty of thrills) Burt's Bees lip balm in a tube. I've tried the others, but they just don't hit the spot the way the classic does.

Of course, I frequently layer my Burt's under my perfect lipgloss.


happy birthday, nonie!

It's my dear friend Nonie's birthday! How I love her.

Photo courtesy of Nutface Photography


I do love it. As did Marilyn.

Monday, January 10, 2011 loading page

This weekend, when I was supposed to be packing, I was instead to be found on the Web site for Mini Cooper, using their "build your own feature" (too cool for school... I want one!). And I thought their loading page was super creative! Check it out:

Text says "Loading more than 10 million possible combinations"

Friday, January 7, 2011

nicholas knight at 65 grand

Back in November, I shared a story published in an Italian magazine about my brilliant artist cousin, Nicholas Knight. Now, Nick's opening a new show in Chicago at a gallery called 65 Grand.

In Declaimed, the artist uses three different photography series (Taking Pictures, Disclaimers and White Outs) to examine and scrutinize originality and reproduction. To read more about the works that will be presented, visit the Facebook event or read the artists' statement.

Declaimed opens on January 14, with a reception from 7-10. It will be up through February 12. If you're in Chicago and you get a chance to stop by, I am confident it will be an intellectually stimulating and visually beautiful show. (For more information about the gallery, including location, visit

An image from Taking Pictures
Photo courtesy of 65 Grand

Thursday, January 6, 2011


More of our yard (and surrounding area) on Christmas Day

snowplow made it possible for us to spend the day with family in town

friendly neighbors

steam & snow

the peace sign my parents have used as our main Christmas decoration since my childhood
peace on earth

Photos by Shanti Knight

snow angels

In southern Indiana, we had a perfect white Christmas. The snow was perfect for slipping and sliding and making snowballs that were fun, not (as my Uncle Curt said) "lethal." On Christmas Eve, my brother Wes, his girlfriend Crystal and their little girl Nikiah drove in, and we promptly went outside to run around in the still-falling snow. On Christmas morning, my grandma joined us with Auntie Michele and Sinjin, and it was extra special for Sinjin and Nikiah to play in the snow together (a California child and a Georgia child experience a limited amount of snow...).

We made snowballs (Sinjin's very first!) and snowpeople and Wes made a snow mohawk (snow-hawk?) on my Beetle. My dog Delilah ate snow and we all had a delightful time in the cold.



 Wes shows Sinjin what's inside the barn.




Wes' mohawk for the Beetle!

Just one of the not-quite-right places we thought to put the carrot on the snowman 


 From left: Michele, Nikiah, Sinjin, Wes, Crystal

Wes gives Crystal a lift... cute

Photos by Shanti Knight