Thursday, November 4, 2010

modeling for artists

Just last week, I started modeling for art classes— so far, a painting one & a drawing one. I was a little nervous, but the professors were really kind, giving me as many stretching breaks as I needed. What was most surprising was how sleepy I felt! I thought not moving for that long would make me feel squirmy, but instead I found myself falling asleep, head nodding & everything! Even so, my friend Ploi Waiwtthaya (who just by chance was in the class for which I was modeling, along with a few of my other friends) was able to draw this a couple of days ago:

One of the professors asked me to pose nude if I was willing, &, to be honest, I'm just not comfortable with that yet. I admire those girls who don't think twice about it, like Keira Knightley, but right now... I'm just not there.

I was not naked. Image courtesy of Directors Cut.

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  1. wow! thats is screen shot of Titanic movie! doesn't it? well, i didn't like Artistic, especially on drawing something! cause, i'm not really can drawing good! hehehe.

    Happy Blogging In your live, my friend.
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