Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sjp: a love letter

Sarah Jessica Parker is a goddess. Obviously her arms and her hair are the stuff of legend. But most striking to me is her face structure, which I once read described as "Cubist." I love that that acknowledges the artistic angularity of her profile. She somehow manages to be ravishingly beautiful (those enchanting eyes! that wide smile!) and still also be totally adorable. She totally has her cake and eats it, too!

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

More to love:
• She's sweet and charming and modest. Her early life in Cincinnati and her upbringing in a large family with little money has resulted in a woman who seems to be acutely aware of what she considers right and what she does not. (She's the only actress on Sex and the City who was never nude on-screen.)

Photo courtesy of Reality TV Magazine

• She's so committed to Matthew Broderick. What a darling couple they are, with their three children and West Village life.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

• And even with all those kids, she's a hard worker. Fragrances, a production company (Pretty Matches), president at Halston Heritage... oh yeah, and a hugely successful acting career.

• Her style. She looks good in everything— when I see her in a big puffy coat the size of a tent, my first reaction is to find where I can get one like it. (Um, the Salvation Army?) But besides that, she has this way of pairing clothes that is just magic. Who else can wear bright red jeans and a bubblegum pink knit tank top and look cutting-edge?

Photo courtesy of The Celebrity Review

• SJP is genuinely talented. In every movie, she blows me away. Especially The Family Stone. And she can sing! She can actually sing! (She played Annie on Broadway.)

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• She once was a ballerina and still celebrates the ballet. (I have a ballet thing... already counting down to EDT's production of The Nutcracker next month.)

• She's politically savvy. She campaigned for Obama a few years ago and still participates in political events.
Photo courtesy of The Insider

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