Monday, November 15, 2010

ghosts in the hollow

Tonight, while taking a break from reading photojournalist Jim Lo Scalzo's memoir Evidence of My Existence, I found his Vimeo page & watched "Ghosts in the Hollow." Appalachia & these rarely-explored pieces of history are both beautiful & fascinating to me. I love wintertime nature scenes, which I always find to be unexpectedly beautiful— they're splendidly vibrant & yet demonstrate the most Zen-like subtle variances in muted colors.

Kudos for Lo Scalzo's great eye, adventuresome work ethic and masterful story-telling skills!

What do you think?


  1. I am torn between it being a disgrace and wondering if those old relics have some sentimental and even fond memories for those who have lived among them, like the pieces of an old wire fence that dapples my property line.

  2. Interesting thought! I also see both sides, but my personal conclusion is that they are more like the fence on your property or the barn on our family property— dilapidated and largely now beyond their intended use, but still valuable because of the history, and like you said, sentimental and fond memories they hold. It's different from seeing history in a museum. When it's there, crossing the road in front of you, you kind of question how much could have happened on this land between the time when these structures were used and now. The work of those before us becomes so tangible!