Friday, December 16, 2011

happy friday!

What are you doing this weekend? I'm in Florida with my family, and I'm so happy to be in sunny and warm weather. The winter gray can be a drag! Here are some tidbits from around the web:

repaving streets to be more friendly for high heels? that's so Italian.
who is Armand Hofmeyr and how does he look so freaking much like Owen Wilson? (Is there a clone for Luke, too?)
a themed proposal story that just might knock your socks off it's so well-planned
I'm totally intrigued by this snowball... too bad it's sold out
I loved reading this Vanity Fair story about Tina Fey, What a special look inside of who she is. (I have yet to read Bossypants, which I'm sure will give me even more insight.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the rachel

image via Mama Pop

Did you know The Rachel Haircut has its own Wikipedia page? So much drama for one haircut. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston has called it "the ugliest haircut I've ever seen." And I'm surprised to hear that just last year, a study found it still as the most popular haircut among British women. I have to say that I've never quite figured out the draw, but apparently it's still a hit.

Monday, December 12, 2011

talking to the grandkids

How beautiful is this video of an old couple figuring out their webcam? It warms my heart and makes me giggle.

Friday, December 9, 2011

happy friday!

My sentiments! Let's do this every day.

a super sweet way to ask out a celebrity
an awesome old video of my man Billy Joel performing live
gorgeous wedding that steals my heart. what a perfectly lovely bride. & I love an overcast day.
sacrilege, a little, but also kinda cute
take this camping, but only if you want to be eaten ;)
an awesome story about showing love
putting fashion on the spot and succinct accuracy thanks to Better Book Titles (omsquee I l-o-v-e Pride and Prejudice)
all these perfumes I'd love to try
testimony about the importance of family


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

alec baldwin dismissed from flight

I love Alec Baldwin so much that this actually makes me like him more.

Apparently, Alec provided live Twitter updates on his dismissal from an American Airlines flight yesterday after he was asked to stop playing Words with Friends. He likes the game so much that he was willing to leave the flight for it. See the full story here.

Also noted: Alec Baldwin is an adorable teddy bear.

Friday, December 2, 2011

happy friday!

via Rhayne

Do people actually name their daughters "Precious"? I saw it recently on "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss" (Friends, of course), when Mike has to break up with his girlfriend... named Precious. Phoebe advises him that if she gets upset, he should "just rub her belly and give her a liver snap." I laughed.

a plan for a heist
oh! let's go to London and pretend we're engaged to Prince William!
the cost of nukes
remember this if you're lonely
LOVING Gaga's hat
loving this attention-getting ad
loving me some Olsens
looking good made easy, brought to you by Amy Adams
Gloria Steinem visits Chelsea Lately... so much girl power to the square inch
if you read Harry Potter books... these rooms are how I imagine 12 Grimmauld Place to look
Posh&Becks looking ahh-dorable

O.M.G. I. love. Beyonce.
So awesome to see her wedding dress, yes, but this whole video was amazing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the statue of liberty

On my first weekend in NYC, I lived like a tourist. Lynn and Makensie flew out here with me, and the three of us wandered aimlessly, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and shopped. We even went to the Statue of Liberty, which, incidentally, turned 125 exactly one month ago today!

Here's the three of us on the ferry to the Statue. From left: Lynn, Makensie, me.

I was so glad to finally see the Statue of Liberty up close. It is such an American treasure. The folds of her fabric are striking, and the image is so iconic that it's wild to see it up close and from every angle. We were there late in the day, and I was so happy I took this picture:

Here are a few more beautiful photos of this gorgeous statue.

circa 1905, via ck/ck

circa 1935, via ck/ck

her construction in Paris, 1886, via ck/ck

Friday, November 25, 2011

happy friday!

Photo by Elisa Mendes, from her New York Lovers series

ten years with the iPod
have you seen Occupy George? I don't know if you've heard, but these "crazy kids" aren't going anywhere.
if you're transitioning in your career, read this.
an awesome note to Ms. Kardashian
a guide for meditation, if you're so inclined
collective nouns are awesome
the hook-up that could have been

Friday, November 18, 2011

happy friday!

Photo of Bob Dylan by Ken Regan via Tea and Strumpets

a super sweet story
giggle fest
trout do it, too!
art made from everyday objects!
I love England, and these gifts for England-lovers do sound fun :)
do you know your sitcom Rachels?
really, Lohans?
total well-being
a happy accident in Paris
wow. sexy.
what news anchors do during commercial breaks

celebrating Steve
Papa and I watched this video last weekend when he and Mom were visiting me in NYC. It's really, really lovely.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

louie louie

One of my friends here in NYC is a woman named Barbara. She's a sassy writer and graduate professor at The New School who I met through a friend. The first time we visited was when we met to go participate in the Occupy Wall Street march on Times Square back in October. Now we visit several times a week, since our apartments are a mere 10-minute walk apart. We were hanging out on Sunday night in her living room with her cats Newman and Jackson, and she had just Saturday night seen the movie London Boulevard with Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell. She was playing me all this music from the era of the movie and was so surprised that I wasn't familiar with "Louie Louie." She called it "the ultimate college song."

Do you know it?

world of video

I don't know about you, but I've noticed the demise of a lot of movie rental shops in recent times. I can only guess it's the combined impact of Netflix, Redbox and other internet streaming tools that have made it difficult for these shops to survive, especially in this economy. So a few weeks ago, I was all in the mood to watch a movie and I didn't have anything in from Netflix that I hadn't watched and the nearest Redbox was a half a mile away (that's far when you live in Manhattan) and I thought— maybe, just maybe, there's actually a movie rental shop in my neighborhood. I Googled it and found a super shop called World of Video. (It's such a straightforward title that it sounds ironic and hipster.)
World of Video is located a convenient 5-minute walk from my front door (awesome) and boasts more than 30,000 titles (wow), including a collection of silent films. Because of the vastness of the collection, it's a natural place to go when you're looking for something obscure, which, in fact, I was. I was looking for one of my absolute favorite movies, The Out-of-Towners remake from 1999 with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. For some reason, this movie seems to be so difficult to find. Netflix doesn't even have it in stock! (Say wha?!) I walked in, and the friendly staff at World of Video pulled it off the shelf within seconds. Admittedly, they did rib me when I said it was one of my favorites and asked me if I've seen the original. (I'll be honest, I haven't.) The guys behind the counter are serious movie watchers. There is a poster for each staff member on the front of the counter that has their names and their top 10 favorite movies. They recommend titles and I hear they have specialties. (Here's an article about the store.)

The only problem is that it's pricey— $5 for a one-night rental. You can buy an annual membership (first year, just less than $22) that comes with a few free rentals and then rentals are $4.75. Or you can buy rentals in bulk for cheaper. Even at these prices, it doesn't feel like a rip-off, since they are a specialty shop in a business that's changing, and they're paying West Village rent.

All in all, 4 stars. Enjoy :)

photo by Shanti Knight, Los Angeles, California, August 2007

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

feel good

As if the autocorrects themselves weren't enough to make me positively cackle (Lynn and I routinely email each other our daily or weekly favorites), I just found this fantastic little collection of videos of people laughing at Damn You Autocorrect. I am not kidding, it is an absolutely guaranteed mood-lifter. Why aren't there more videos of people just laughing? This is powerful stuff.

Also, balloons.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

manhattan map

Manhattan can be so much fun to navigate. It's complex enough to be a bit of a challenge, but logical enough to not be too frustrating. And it's so much fun to walk through and see the neighborhoods change in character and appearance, even while they are all so close to each other. I've been studying NYC since I was a teenager, but, understandably, living here has made my knowledge of the city much greater! I recently found this fantastic map of the neighborhoods, with street markers. Enjoy!

and there are two other fun maps where this came from (

the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

for when you're feeling cheeky.

or giggly.

Friday, November 11, 2011

happy friday!

True Love Forever. Photo credit unknown.

My parents are in town this weekend! Yahoo!!!!!

loving these faux-fur throws from Restoration Hardware
it's too late to contribute $$ to this project, but what a charming trailer
This is hilarious. Barbra Streisand eats pancakes every morning and hates exercise. Even vocal exercise.
Old school in so many ways. I'm loving roller-cowgirl-boots.
James Franco is so versatile.
the best snow globe for fashionistas. (did you ever think you'd read that?)
gah I want these earmuffs. anyone have any idea on where I can find something similar?
I wanna try this hairstyle!
everybody and her sister loves Mindy Kaling. And tell me, how can you not?

& a quote I posted last year, because I need to be reminded of it again.

the lucky 7 manifesto

Remember Susan Hyatt, of Create Your Own Luck? She just published her Lucky 7 Manifesto. Love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

get your groove on

this kid can seriously dance.

I need to do more dancing. There's not been nearly enough of that going on in my life recently. Dancing doesn't have anything to do with what's going on in your life. It's one of the most spontaneously grateful things you can do. It's like saying, "Thank you, Creator, for giving me the ability to move and hear and love. Here's me celebrating all of that." Let's dance.

youthful spirit

I want to marry a man who does things like this.

Especially if he looks like this.

fun fact: this was my desktop on my yearbook computer my senior year of high school. Lynn will recall.
image of Matthew McConaughey via

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the occupy wall street statement

For anyone out there who is wondering what those kids down at Wall Street want, here's Keith Olbermann reading the official statement.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I wanna see it!

The community in this movie kind of reminds me of Dancing Rabbit, to which I've never been but I would love to go. My friend Travis has been several times and it sounds like so much fun. Next step? I don't know...

Friday, November 4, 2011

happy friday!

Photo by Elisa Mendes, from her New York Lovers series

I've now been living in New York City for just over two months, so how about some thoughts on this city?

Have you seen Metropolitan Diary? My cousin Scott enlightened me a couple of weeks ago. How fun.
Joanna Goddard's guide to NYC
New York Times candle
one of my favorite NYC movies
Bush & Obama, shoulder to shoulder at Ground Zero
the 9/11 glossary
an organization with which I really want to work

big a$$ sham

I don't want to dwell. I only want to say that the New York Post put it precisely as I see it...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i am african

Have you heard of this campaign? I somehow missed it the first time around but got a second chance to know about it recently and I'm intrigued. To start, the portraits are gorgeous.

via Centric TV

And the concept is cool. I remember watching a documentary in World History class my senior year of high school that explored the theory that we all are descended from Africa. I think it's so interesting (and sad) to think that if that's true, the continent from which we all descended is now arguably the most neglected continent on our planet. Food for thought.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I love the feeling!

Photo credit for image of Diane Keaton unknown

Monday, October 31, 2011

a nip in the air...

You might say. It snowed— legit snowed— in NYC all day on Saturday. Say what?! I have to say. I loved it. It was cozy inside and even fun outside, where I had to carry an umbrella because even though the snow was gathering on rooftops and cars, it hit the ground with the weight and wetness of rain.

Mmm... stacked flannel. I need to hit up some thrift shops and stock up.

come as you aren't

Image via pink splash

happy halloween! what are your plans?

I'm watching the Halloween parade through the West Village with my friends Pippa and Lizzy. Here's a special Halloween round-up!

put a mask on!
P is for pumpkin
Halloween in NYC 2009
haunted air
creeps! giggly autocorrects
an awesome, ever-so-timely Halloween costume for this year

Friday, October 28, 2011

happy friday!

Portrait of Cameron Diaz by Annie Leibovitz

you can giggle. no one will judge you.
capture the energy and use it for good
patterns found in nature
we all have our ways of decompressing
did you happen to catch this awesome Tony acceptance speech from Mark Rylance in Jerusalem? (summer 2011) It's about walking through walls.
revelations about Steve Jobs: 9 here.
an unlikely friendship, paired to amazing music (seriously, if you know what it is, please comment. I tried Shazam three times and came up empty-handed.)
a look at what marriage means these days
my grandma taught me this word recently— she thought it was hilarious that I didn't know it
how to taste ice cream... take it from a pro :)
get you some smoky quartz
sweet charms
an interesting reflection on the Jenna Lyons bombshell

Friday, October 21, 2011

happy friday!

Photo credit unknown

what a fabulous engagement ring. nice balance of classic but not boring, luxurious but not showy, antique but not dated.
gasp! so adorable.
isn't fresh produce amazing?
oh, beyonce.

Friday, October 14, 2011

sipping jetstreams

Oh, the feelings this quote awakens...

"Travel keeps you young. It does this by simply putting you in situations that make you feel like a child again. Magically lost in a moment of discovery. Beautifully confused. It could be the first time you awaken to the 5:00 a.m. call to prayer from the local mosque on Morocco's far Atlantic shore, the first time you feel the weight of the Egyptian sun on your shoulders, the first time you paddle out over the shallow reefs of the Caribbean, or the first time you realize that people living in squalor can achieve happiness as easily as those living in mansions. These are life's opportunities to shed the hustle of modernity, to join the moment and stop sprinting towards some prefabricated goal. Your heart races. Your metabolism shifts into a lower gear. Everything is new again. You're Sipping Jetstreams."

sources for quote and images unknown

happy friday!

Portrait of Lucy Liu by Annie Leibovitz

This weekend I'll be checking out the city, as per usual these days. My friends Pippa, Lizzy and I want to go see Reflecting the Stars. It's supposed to be just cool enough and gray, which is my favorite weather. Woohoo! It's October in New York City.

intoxicatingly lovely layered lace
I want to use this app for my next party
ancient bones, reunited

Friday, October 7, 2011

happy friday!

via Vodka and Vogue

This weekend...

no matter where I go, I will always be locally grown
good advice: You can have the life you want.
a hilarious autocorrect
truth: I find this guy's penguin love endearing.
I'd love to be on a horse
love the simplicity of this flower portrait
congratulations, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers! (my parents saw them perform in Owensboro, Kentucky this summer! wish I could have seen them.)
I really enjoyed this piece on unusual names. "They're not baby names, they're names for future adults, and that's worth remembering."
& finally, Our Dear President speaking recently at a Human Rights Campaign event. I love it.