Monday, November 29, 2010

a candle burns

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is officially starting. I've been getting so excited that it's been difficult not to post about Christmas every day for the past few weeks! Last night, Augusta and I kicked off the Advent season by going to a 9 p.m. mass and then decorating the entire apartment.

A cute little tree on top of the television.

Tinsel hung at the fireplace.

An advent calendar from Augusta's mom!

Little snowflakes to hang all over.
Also featuring today: "My digital life is just as excited as I am."

Exhibit A:
my desktop

Exhibit B:
my iPhone wallpaper

Exhibit C:
my ringtone is "Hey Santa Claus" by the Moonglows

How are you getting in the spirit?

All photos by Shanti Knight


  1. very pretty photos shanti. happy for u to experience the Advent season traditionally. i am a bit inspired to get the decor out and do some cookin'. peace and joy, love ya , mcma

  2. Thanks so much, Mama! Is your "b" working now? Love you!!