Monday, November 22, 2010

our bartender was george

Friday night, my pal Rachel and I went out for some late-night decompression and girl talk. After nixing several other possible venues, we found ourselves at The Irish Lion. We'd never been even to eat, and we were impressed. Our bartender, named George, wore a tie and vest and called us "ladies" (we simply can't hear that enough). He recommended Tanqueray for our gin and tonics and when they accidentally made an extra Mai Tai, gave it to us. (Delicious, btw.) We loved the atmosphere, too. The high ceilings were molded and the decor was very fitting to a place called The Irish Lion. (Deer heads mounted on the walls, etc.) It was active and fun, but not too loud. All around a really delightful way to spend an evening. Perfect for a drink with a friend when you're hoping to actually talk to each other.

Photo courtesy of Ambassadors Formalwear


  1. Irish Lion is Nathan's favorite bar in Bloomington...Crazy Horse, right next door, has $3 martinis on Wednesdays, if I remember correctly. On the other side, Alley Bar has $4 24oz. craft brews on Thursdays. Many good nights spent at those three places. :-)

  2. sweet stuff (and good information to know...) =) definitely a fun area!!