Monday, November 1, 2010

top 5 blogs I read

starshine is still in its infancy— just two weeks old today! but I never would have started starshine without the inspiration from the dozens of delightful blogs I've found. These are my top 5... enjoy!

Joanna Goddard is sweet stuff... she's creative, talented, upbeat and straightforward. And my favorite part about A Cup of Jo? I never know what I'll find next on her blog, but I can generally be quite certain I'll enjoy it.

I've been photographing weddings since I was a child, which was a dream. What little girl wouldn't love to spend her weekends following brides around on their wedding days? I still photograph weddings frequently, and Style Me Pretty is a delightful indulgence in the gorgeousness of weddings, plus it's great inspiration for my own photography.

Karina loves nature so fully, it spills right onto my keyboard... if you can imagine that. It's refreshing and relaxing just to visit her page.

I found this one when I was just moving into my own apartment and it delighted me. It's inspired me tons since, to streamline my life and live freer. Everyone wins.

Wow I love traveling. This passionate soul, Chris Guillebeau, shows us how he does it. And he's really good at it. Inspiring and thrilling.

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