Wednesday, November 3, 2010


mmm. Last weekend, Augusta and her boyfriend Mitch built a fire in our fireplace. The living room still has that delicious, cozy smell, and it (along with pretty much everything else in my life right now) is making me think of Christmas. I'm sooo excited that the holidays are so close. This fall has felt like one big opening act to a series of great things! More to come on that later ;)

Photo courtesy of Stephen Simpson at The Guardian.

Also, enjoy this story about fires.


  1. Nathan brought home a DVD of a fire with some pretty cheesy jazzed-up Christmas songs on it. Is this a harbinger of my holidays to come? Oh man.

  2. That sounds hilarious! (And also something I might do for a party... for our Olympics opening-ceremony toga party last year, I put on a DVD of a really old version of Alexander the Great or something... It paired well with thumping bass.) Hopefully if it is a harbinger it's just a representation of real fires in fireplaces, which will actually throw heat... All in all: that Nathan is a keeper!