Wednesday, November 10, 2010

top 5 things to do to celebrate your birthday

I'm 21! & I feel so blessed with the love flowing into & around my life. Here are the top 5 things I did in celebration:

1. Spend time with people you truly love. I got to spend lots & lots of time with some of my favorite family & friends this weekend. What a delight to be surrounded by so many people I love at once! Here are some pictures from my actual birthday:

Out to dinner!  Here's me with Lynn & Augusta! 

To the bar! With my mom & Nonie. I also feel I should clarify about the sign on my forehead. Mom bought this vest jacket thing & it had this tag inside that said "You are a goddess." Very wisely, the bartender (Leo, with whom it turns out I share some friends...) taped it to my forehead.

My Papa & me!


2. Take advantage of a new right. Unfortunately, there are only a few birthdays with new legal rights (I bought a lottery ticket on my 18th birthday & on this one I ordered a g&t), but if you're creative I'm sure you can come up with new rights for other birthdays. That will be my project for the next 9 years— to what shall I give myself new liberty when I turn 30?

3. Do something kinda crazy. I'd never sung karaoke before. So on my birthday, I did. I sang David Allen Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" with my mom & Nonie. It was terrible! =) But very fun. A sidenote: there were some pretty awesome singers there. I actually ran into my friend & professional singer Loretta Gooden of The Goodenplenty Project (she sang last year at the Blueline holiday parties— Bliss & The Event). It was an honor & a delight to share the room with her!

4. Explore new ways to behave like a grown-up. I can always be more mature. I'd like to introduce my 21st-year resolution: to keep my mouth shut when I'm annoyed with my mom & to let go of the illusion that she defines me. That's only as true as I allow it to be.

5. Make plans for new experiences. You can't plan them all (sometimes that's  part of the magic— the spontaneity of a miraculous experience). But a few plans are always necessary. Next weekend, Maria and I are going on a trip to celebrate our birthdays, which are just 10 days apart. & I have some awesome plans for this year— experiences that I'll be glad to share on starshine! Life is sweet.


  1. I'm so glad that you made Missie & Me a part of your 21st. We're so proud of you!

  2. Thank you, Papa! I had so much fun with you.

  3. Happy 21st birthday (belated)! BTW, you are truly your own person! Would have loved to have been there to celebrate! We'll have a toast at Christmas!