Thursday, December 2, 2010

winter coats

brrr... It's chilly. And that's here in the Midwest. This weekend I'm taking Friday off for a trip to the Northeast (cold cold weather, warm warm hearts) (stay tuned for a full recap Tuesday). So now is the time to try out my new coat that I bought last weekend from Abercrombie and Fitch.

(Ella, $180)

I'm loving this coat so far, but I still have some other favorites I'd love to get, had I the funds. Like these...

Dietrich sequined coat by Diana von Fustenburg I love the classic silhouette & I can hardly ever justify buying a coat that isn't black (hardly ever), but it's really the sequins I'm falling for here. They're just fabulous. I'd love to wear this coat for an evening out.

Wool-flannel coat by Rick Owens Again, here we go with a classic, flattering silhouette & black. This one is slim cut rather than bulky & the wool-flannel combo means it will would be really warm.

Gray wool-twill coat by Vivienne Westwood Ms. Vivienne is a genius. She's edgy & fun enough to keep things exciting but she also avoids going too far. This coat feels like a classic trench that's been put through a Persistence of Memory filter.

Double Breasted Woolen Check Trench Coat by Burberry  The green checks make this urban silhouette feel woodsy and homey. I can see this coat working for every event the entire season! (Though it would be particularly perfect for this weekend. Le sigh.)

And just to mix things up... Tangleford Shearling Coat by Ralph Lauren Blue Label Way bulky, way cruel... way warm. Also, way cool Eskimo style.

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