Friday, June 14, 2013

happy friday!

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Welcome to summer. Because last summer was the summer of engagements, 2013 is the summer of weddings. Considering the volume of events I'm attending this summer, I've taken a sublet in the midwest to cut travel costs and enjoy a more laid-back season than NYC offers. (Love them I do, but sometimes even New Yorkers need to take the chill pill.) In addition to all the weddings, I'm also looking forward to eating lots of fresh garden vegetables like the ones above, campfires, lakes, pools, live music, boating and time with all my midwest friends and, of course, my awesome family.

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& for anyone in the northern Kentucky/southern Indiana/southern Illinois area or for anyone who just really loves the blues, the WC Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival is happening this weekend and promises to be ah-mazing.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

supporting actresses

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Have you noticed how sometimes the best friend in movies can steal the whole show? I've had longtime love for Judy Greer, whose salty performances have graced movies and television for more than 15 years, from What Women Want and The Wedding Planner to Archer and Arrested Development. And Broadway. (BuzzFeed knows what's up.) The Lab Magazine quoted her last year saying, "I like to ground my characters. I really try to do that." (Also, I have to share— I actually had the thrill of seeing Ms. Greer out and about in a cafe in the West Village last year!)

My newest favorite supporting actress is Lake Bell. Girlfriend's got a fabulously lyrical name, she's gorgeous and she's super funny. I first saw her playing the supremely unlikable Agness in It's Complicated. More recently, she played the delightfully awkward potential girlfriend to Ashton Kutcher's leading man in No Strings Attached. (Noted: I found this to be a surprisingly honest movie, despite its chick-flick status. My favorite part was Ashton Kutcher's character making a period mix for Natalie Portman's character. Just adorable.) Back to Ms. Bell, though— the newlywed (to Scott Campbell) is also an animal rights activist. *applause*

Anyway, kudos to these women for their skill and ability to truly own their roles. Looking forward to their next projects!

Lake Bell with her dog, Margaret
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Should I get a bicycle?

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For years I've shaken my head at my cycling friends and kept to the sidewalks at a safe distance for judging bicycles as annoying and a lot of hassle.

But I'm really getting over the subway. It's not like it was ever charming, but after almost a year of rattling trains, it's just grating. I've spoken with New Yorkers who bicycle the city, and they love it. I'd love to feel the liberty of cycling wherever I go, no longer having to worry about crosstown busses or wait on platforms with no idea if a train is even coming.

My main hesitation point— in fact my only hesitation point— is safety. I love everything about the idea besides the fact that bicycles just aren't as safe as I'd like them to be. Sometimes I squirm when I see New Yorkers zipping down avenues among Manhattan traffic with no helmets and their eyes on their iPhones, texting without even a glance up, touching their handlebars casually with their left hands. Needless to say, I don't anticipate being that girl. I just need to practice being among traffic, wear my helmet and have faith. (Plus, Joanna offers heartening input to that conversation.)

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So here I am, reconsidering the bicycle with fresh eyes. I've realized that my first adult bike (from my freshman year of college) was way too small for me, which explains at least part of why it was so difficult for me to get into the groove of it. When I sat on a cruiser at Dan's Competition, it felt great. Now, because I am still 23, I'm shopping Craigslist. Do you have advice for finding a great used bike on Craigslist? Also, any particular advice for shorter people? My legs are not long, and that seems to be one of my major difficulties with bikes is finding big enough wheels that still allow me to balance on my toes when I'm not in motion.

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