Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Over break, Maria and I decided to hit up Blush on Evansville's Riverside Drive. (Sipping cosmos at Rebar in Chicago gave us the necessary swagger for a slick joint like Blush.)

I'd only been before in the daytime when we did the photoshoot for Evansville Living's July/August 2010 cover last summer. (The image we ended up using was actually outside on the patio.)

Photo by Jerry Butts, courtesy of Tucker Publishing Group

Blush is a beautifully decorated lounge. It's predominantly white with touches of filtered but nonetheless saturated colored light. The most impressive aspect is the presentation of liquors— they are lined up on shelves behind the bar that stand probably about fifteen feet tall and are accompanied by a couple rolling ladders that the bartender climbs to access bottles. (If I were the bartender, I would be so nervous climbing up there holding expensive bottles of liquor!)

Blush has a major selection of vodkas— they predominantly use Van Gogh Vodka, which comes in bottles with colorful, pretty and— dare I say?— post-Impressionistic labels. There are at least a dozen flavors— Dutch caramel, pomegranate, espresso. They even have a superfood variety— A├žai-Blueberry (®). Fun to look at, even if you're not drinking any! And like The Irish Lion, it was a sweet place to have a good conversation with a friend.

Photos courtesy of Tim Schapker on Flickr