Thursday, January 6, 2011

snow angels

In southern Indiana, we had a perfect white Christmas. The snow was perfect for slipping and sliding and making snowballs that were fun, not (as my Uncle Curt said) "lethal." On Christmas Eve, my brother Wes, his girlfriend Crystal and their little girl Nikiah drove in, and we promptly went outside to run around in the still-falling snow. On Christmas morning, my grandma joined us with Auntie Michele and Sinjin, and it was extra special for Sinjin and Nikiah to play in the snow together (a California child and a Georgia child experience a limited amount of snow...).

We made snowballs (Sinjin's very first!) and snowpeople and Wes made a snow mohawk (snow-hawk?) on my Beetle. My dog Delilah ate snow and we all had a delightful time in the cold.



 Wes shows Sinjin what's inside the barn.




Wes' mohawk for the Beetle!

Just one of the not-quite-right places we thought to put the carrot on the snowman 


 From left: Michele, Nikiah, Sinjin, Wes, Crystal

Wes gives Crystal a lift... cute

Photos by Shanti Knight


  1. Beautiful photos of such a beautiful family :)

  2. Thanks, Lori. We're pretty fortunate!