Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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This morning I turned on NPR just in time to hear a forecast for "a one hundred percent chance of rain." I've never heard that before; usually the weather reports like to leave just a little uncertainty. I smiled when I heard it, not just because I thought it was funny, but also because I've always preferred rain over sunshine.

I was getting ready to leave my house when the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning, which is something I don't like as much. I sat on the bathroom floor of my second-story apartment for a little while before deciding to go meet my first-floor neighbor & ask for some shelter. His name is Will & he very kindly allowed me to hang out with him for about thirty minutes while we waited for the storm to pass!

When I finally stepped out the door, I tested out my new black umbrella from Totes ($7, TJ Maxx) & was slightly disappointed to discover that it's just a tad too small, especially considering the force with which the rain was coming down. It made me miss my late Amsterdam umbrella, which broke around this time last year. It was a gift from my Dutch friend Thomas, who gave it to me when I was visiting him & his super-rad family (Ineke, Christiaan & Aischa) a few years ago in Alsmeer, Holland. It was black & green, with "Amsterdam" written under a certain nature motif on each section.

Here's Thomas with his woman, Ineke, at The Hague.
Photo by Shanti Knight

Fortunately, I'm so thrilled to see rain that nothing can mess with this mood!

Pitter patter raindrops
Pitter patter raindrops
I love you
I love you

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