Friday, October 29, 2010


Oh wow. It's Halloween weekend! I've been getting in the spirit all week...

Tuesday night I saw this little guy sitting on a wall outside. (Please excuse the camera-phone picture quality) How sweet of someone to spread cheer!

Wednesday night I got to see part of a Dennis James performance, where he played the organ live to the black & white & silent 1926 film The Bat, which was cool, with its old-timey creepy factor, & also funny. Have you ever watched silent movies before? The expressions are so over-the-top!

Photo courtesy of Jared

Last night, my super-fun roomie Augusta came home with a pumpkin she carved as spooky haunted houses. She lit a candle inside & we took pictures with it.

This afternoon, my pal Lynn & I went secondhand shopping to assemble some costumes for the weekend!

Have a spooky weekend & tell me... What are your costumes? Are you partying? Handing out candy? Surely not playing tricks?


  1. Halloween is over (sigh!), but we only got a handful of trick-or-treaters. To top it off, they came around 3 PM. Back in my day as a youngin' it wasn't Halloween until the sun went down! I am looking forward to a time when I can turn my own home into a makeshift haunted house and really celebrate... I just looove Halloween! :)

  2. ooh le sigh. 3 pm?! I remember those days... When I was a kid, we would go in Birdland in Mt. Vernon and be out until at least 8! ;) You will make an awesome haunted house, Keri! It will be so creative and spooky and fun. One year, Mr and Mrs Riordan in Mt. Vernon had pone similar to that. Mr Riordan sat at a table in a costume with a bunch of dummies and you couldn't tell that he was real. Then he would move when people were next to him, thinking he was fake. So cool.