Thursday, October 21, 2010

26 years

Today is my parents' 26th anniversary! They married on October 21, 1984 & they're still beautifully in love.

Here they are on their wedding day. They had planned on a bright, colorful fall day & an outdoor event. Instead, it was chilly, damp & blustery, & they had to move the ceremony inside. They married in a small picturesque country church. Two years later, they purchased a piece of property just a quarter of a mile down the road from the church. They still live there. It's poetry!

Here's a more recent picture, taken summer 2009. Photo by Nicholas Knight.


  1. Your parents are so GREAT! I heard your dad on NPR this week during their fund drive...

    Shanti, it is spooky how much you look like your mom in her wedding picture - and lucky. She is a pretty lady.

  2. Thank you!! They are pretty fantastic. ;) And thank you for the mom comment. Is this Janet Pareja? It's not showing me a last name.