Friday, February 10, 2012

happy friday!

Photo of a painted harpsichord by Alexandra Roberts Photography, from Caroline and Cornelius' wedding day

<3 Michael McRobbie and IU <3

omg, you might just pee your pants when you see kitlers (thank you, Lynn)

In the spirit of kale-eating, my future-dietician, cooking former-roommate Augusta was wearing this t-shirt when we most recently Skyped. Have you seen them? Apparently, there's all sorts of courtroom drama because Chick-Fil-A got all riled up about "Eat More Kale," saying it sounds too similar to "Eat More Chicken." If you can, buy a t-shirt to support the cause. (The nutrients cause, of course.)

how did I get a degree in journalism without ever having heard of the Proust Questionnaire?

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