Wednesday, February 8, 2012

some thoughts on names

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January was a huge month for baby name mania, what with Beyoncé and Jay-Z making history with their little lady, Blue Ivy Carter (professionally known as "B.I.C."). I love the meaning behind the name, particularly the "Ivy," which I don't really care for in itself, but the pun on "IV" is really clever. (Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement was so uplifting. Give it another view here.)

I just love talking about names, which is of course why I visit almost daily. They always have stats on which names are most popular every day and great blogging on name trends and history. Its cultural commentary and a good sense of humor make it entertaining even to people who aren't parents or expecting.

In that spirit, here's some name info I've picked up recently and enjoyed.

Did you ever read The Indian in the Cupboard? Remember the name Omri? This commentary on his name made me giggle!

Am I the only one who confuses Mira Sorvino with Mena Suvari?
Did you know that Shirley was originally a male name?

a famous and fitting stage name born of a birth name

Ellen reveals the secrets of celebrity baby-naming

white-hot ultra-modern super-slick names

what comedians name their kids
Aaand... top names in pop culture in 2011.

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