Tuesday, February 14, 2012

airport yoga

Do you practice yoga? I've taken classes and followed DVD guides for a few years now, and recently I made the big investment and signed up for my first month-long membership at a local yoga studio, Yoga 101. From what I understand, it's not Bikram, though it has some Bikram influences. The room is very hot, just the same— around 100ยบ! I really enjoy it. It helps me clear my head a bit and it's so physically intense. Sometimes during class drops of sweat fall from my body to the mat (which, particularly during lying-down poses, I cover with a towel) and I frequently see beads of sweat running down my legs! I wear only tiny cotton stretchy shorts and a tank top or a sports bra, and when I'm finished everything is drenched in sweat. It's awesome!

I recently read about the San Francisco airport's new yoga room. How cool is that?! The airport is a wonderful place for yoga, since people can get so cramped on airplanes. I think it's particularly cute that they had to come up with their own icon for the yoga room, since there wasnt yet one in the international guide of airport pictograms.

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