Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Are you a kale eater?
I've gotta tell ya, I really am. I eat kale like it's my job. It's actually my favorite thing to eat for every meal, including breakfast. My roommate in NYC honestly told me he was mystified by my eating habits. He said, "It would be different if it were other vegetables, too, but when I open the fridge, it's every day: Kale. Kale. Kale." I live with my parents right now, and I have this great deal to be able to buy kale in bulk with my mom's produce-buying club. (Awesome!)

I have a pretty standard routine on how I prepare it. I steam it for, oh, I don't know, maybe 5 or 10 minutes (I just watch it 'til it looks like it'll be the right texture— not very scientific). Then I put it on the plate, give it a sprinkle of sea salt, sprinkle it with a bit of olive oil and eat it, often standing at the kitchen counter. It's the most alive-feeing food, and it's super paired with an egg (coddled? I just love that word.), maybe some Ezekiel toast and my standard morning English breakfast tea.

Lynn is more experimental with her kale, though she told me recently that her kale consumption is a roommate joke in her home, too. She puts it in soups, saut├ęs it and eats it raw, among other preparations.

Papa recently found this article on NPR, and then this recipe for kale-miso soup. Lynn passed along this one from her favorite cooking site. I've been experimenting with other preparations, just a little, though I am pretty attached to the simplicity and ease of my preparation. I made us kale chips a few weeks ago, which weren't perfect, but maybe with more practice I'll get better.

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