Monday, November 28, 2011

the statue of liberty

On my first weekend in NYC, I lived like a tourist. Lynn and Makensie flew out here with me, and the three of us wandered aimlessly, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and shopped. We even went to the Statue of Liberty, which, incidentally, turned 125 exactly one month ago today!

Here's the three of us on the ferry to the Statue. From left: Lynn, Makensie, me.

I was so glad to finally see the Statue of Liberty up close. It is such an American treasure. The folds of her fabric are striking, and the image is so iconic that it's wild to see it up close and from every angle. We were there late in the day, and I was so happy I took this picture:

Here are a few more beautiful photos of this gorgeous statue.

circa 1905, via ck/ck

circa 1935, via ck/ck

her construction in Paris, 1886, via ck/ck

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