Friday, November 11, 2011

happy friday!

True Love Forever. Photo credit unknown.

My parents are in town this weekend! Yahoo!!!!!

loving these faux-fur throws from Restoration Hardware
it's too late to contribute $$ to this project, but what a charming trailer
This is hilarious. Barbra Streisand eats pancakes every morning and hates exercise. Even vocal exercise.
Old school in so many ways. I'm loving roller-cowgirl-boots.
James Franco is so versatile.
the best snow globe for fashionistas. (did you ever think you'd read that?)
gah I want these earmuffs. anyone have any idea on where I can find something similar?
I wanna try this hairstyle!
everybody and her sister loves Mindy Kaling. And tell me, how can you not?

& a quote I posted last year, because I need to be reminded of it again.

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