Friday, December 10, 2010

come to bliss 4

If you're in Bloomington, there's only one place for you to be this Saturday night: Bliss 4! The talented and beautiful Chelsea Sanders (of Blueline Media Production) will once again put on the holiday party of the season in the Lodge on the Square! Come for drinks (+ Blu Boy chocolate...), live music (from The Gooden Plenty Project and DJ Junebug) and new art. + mingling with everybody who's anybody! The party starts at 7 and goes until you are too tired to dance any more! (Okay, actually until 1. But that's probably when you'll be too tired to dance any more.)
See the Web site for more information.

p.s. Remember Nut's awesome photos from Bliss 3? (click on each photo for bigger versions)

Sarah & Doug. Badasses.

Me and Augusta!

Nikki & Karl (they're expecting their first baby boy at the New Year! Congratulations!)

Nonie (from my 21st birthday) She's so ethereal

Me with Nut himself!

general merriment

Erika and Nonie

My Papa

Alisha, Chels, Erin

Erin, Chels

Leah and Laine Benthall (Gosh, I love these two!) (Check out Laine's jewelry on Etsy)


  1. im soooooo going to be theeeereeee!! love you!!

  2. one day I'll make it there! Love you!

  3. Yes, one day!!! You're the top. Congratulations!!!! Love you!