Monday, December 6, 2010

I love airports

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Aiport, Concourse A. Have you seen their disco tunnel??
Photo by Shanti Knight

I do. I really do. A full review of my trip to Vermont will come tomorrow, but in the meantime, let me just say what fun it was to be on airplanes again! I hadn't flown since my most recent trip to the City, back in July with Don, and how I've missed it! Truth: I love airports more than I love flying... here's why:

• The opportunities. When I'm walking to my gate, I love seeing signs for planes that are flying to London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Amsterdam, Tokyo... It's just thrilling to know that one (albeit quite large) building holds the potential to go to all these incredible places. I love talking to people who are going to different places and finding out why they're going where they're going.

• The rush. College life can sometimes get me down— I'm just not the type who's happy to get done with a day and have done very little. I love seeing people in suits who are walking fast and getting things done. It's a nice difference from the campus atmosphere.

• The spirit. So metaphysical, but there's just something thrilling about airports. The high ceilings, the chrome and steel, the massive plate-glass windows.

• The planes. Once, last summer, Lynn and I packed lunches and just went to the airport to watch the planes. It was so fun! Sometimes, it's really healthy to take the time to notice how incredible human technology is.

• The nostalgia. I flew for the first time before my first birthday and my family lives all over the country, so plane travel has always been part of my life. In the old days, before I traveled by myself, it was so fun to travel with my parents. We would go to Starbucks and just laugh and be together. Being in airports reminds me of that.

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