Wednesday, December 8, 2010

beky makris

In recent times, I've had to get some new jeans hemmed to fit my short little legs. Whenever I'm in need of a seamstress, I always pick Ms. Beky Makris. She's based here in Bloomington and she is so incredibly skilled— every single time she does a project for me, it amazes me how perfect it is. Beky doesn't just know how to sew— she knows how to see and how to style. So when I need trousers hemmed, she doesn't just make them shorter, like seamstresses in the past have. She actually seamlessly reattaches the original hem to the bottom, so they have the complete look that they did when I bought them. Way to be awesome, Beky!

Here are some shots I did of Beky a few weeks ago. Lots of fun!

Photos by Shanti Knight

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  1. i don't have such skill, unfortunately, however i am interesting to learn how to sew!