Friday, April 29, 2011

happy friday!

Photo of Oprah and puppy courtesy of Examiner

Hope your weekends are filled with joy! I intend to make this one festive, though I'll also be making some time for taking some portraits. I also must do lots of studying. Any tips for staying focused? Delve into some of my personal favorite finds from this week here:

Karina has been writing for The Examiner in Albany, NY. Check out her work here!

A blog about how dads were the first hipsters? Yes, please.

Fun striped tablecloths at this Connecticut wedding! is filled with beautiful, off-beat, ironic and fun images for your browsing.

This week, I simply can't get enough of MGMT's "Electric Feel"

Captivating kitty eyes, via my friend Clare's blog exez&ohhz

Joanna expresses her sympathy to Prince William (no, nothing to do with his brand-new marriage!)

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