Wednesday, April 20, 2011

coachella fashion

If it weren't for Little 500, I would really have loved to have beeen in Indio, California last weekend, kicking it at Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Michele went last year and had a great time celeb-spotting and hearing great tunes. It looks like such a laid-back, good-time chill-fest.Plus the line-up included Ms. Lauryn Hill, Yelle, Kanye West, Ratatat and the Strokes. (Fun fact: Wiz Khalifa performed here for Little 500 on Friday and then went to California for Coachella on Sunday. So it's safe to assume at least a little Hoosier dirt got to Indio.)

Some of my top outfits:

Peachy button-up linen dress with a little lace on top. Add a black fedora and grab your boyfriend. Let's go!
Isabel Lucas, via Zimbio

Simple, straight to the point. An easy-going little white dress, black sandals that won't fly off, and a medallion necklace. Ready!
Alexa Chung, via People

I swoon. It's completely perfect, top to bottom. Minimal hair and makeup tricks— just beach hair and a great tan. White tank with a ruggedly printed American flag + pristine white shorts, folded up so the pockets hang out. Bracelets on both wrists balance it and the functional brown leather hiking shoes finish. Just enough clean, just enough dirty. Doesn't she look pretty? Doesn't she just look ready to have a good time? Nobody will have to wait for this girl to fix her makeup. She's already out the door.
Kate Bosworth, via People

If it weren't Coachella this would be overkill, but given the situation, it's just right. Crochet top? Check. Feather earring? Check. Stonewashed denim? Check. Bare feet? Check.
Get her super sexy and completely rad leg garter here
Vanessa Hudgens, via People

I love the simplicity of this. Short hair, a functional bag, and a long, goes-with-everything knit dress. She's elegant and chill all at the same time.
Amira, via Vogue

Not to play favorites, but I'm particularly in love with the look on the left— a dainty corset with roughed-up jean shorts? It's a little Golden Hawn and a little saloon. Tell me, what's not to love?
Andrea Florescu and Kelly Thiebaud, via Elle

It's edgy, it's outrageous, it's positively perfect.
Kimberly Pariente, via Elle


  1. Love your sense of style!!! -Jenna Crosbie

  2. thanks, Jenna! Of anyone I know, you *belong* at Coachella. Shaggy Wonda headlines next year? I'd vote for them!!