Tuesday, June 11, 2013

supporting actresses

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Have you noticed how sometimes the best friend in movies can steal the whole show? I've had longtime love for Judy Greer, whose salty performances have graced movies and television for more than 15 years, from What Women Want and The Wedding Planner to Archer and Arrested Development. And Broadway. (BuzzFeed knows what's up.) The Lab Magazine quoted her last year saying, "I like to ground my characters. I really try to do that." (Also, I have to share— I actually had the thrill of seeing Ms. Greer out and about in a cafe in the West Village last year!)

My newest favorite supporting actress is Lake Bell. Girlfriend's got a fabulously lyrical name, she's gorgeous and she's super funny. I first saw her playing the supremely unlikable Agness in It's Complicated. More recently, she played the delightfully awkward potential girlfriend to Ashton Kutcher's leading man in No Strings Attached. (Noted: I found this to be a surprisingly honest movie, despite its chick-flick status. My favorite part was Ashton Kutcher's character making a period mix for Natalie Portman's character. Just adorable.) Back to Ms. Bell, though— the newlywed (to Scott Campbell) is also an animal rights activist. *applause*

Anyway, kudos to these women for their skill and ability to truly own their roles. Looking forward to their next projects!

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