Friday, June 14, 2013

happy friday!

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Welcome to summer. Because last summer was the summer of engagements, 2013 is the summer of weddings. Considering the volume of events I'm attending this summer, I've taken a sublet in the midwest to cut travel costs and enjoy a more laid-back season than NYC offers. (Love them I do, but sometimes even New Yorkers need to take the chill pill.) In addition to all the weddings, I'm also looking forward to eating lots of fresh garden vegetables like the ones above, campfires, lakes, pools, live music, boating and time with all my midwest friends and, of course, my awesome family.

Here are some delightful summery posts from the around the web...

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a friendly reminder (a) to cut up your six-pack rings and (b) of the amazingness of nature

& for anyone in the northern Kentucky/southern Indiana/southern Illinois area or for anyone who just really loves the blues, the WC Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival is happening this weekend and promises to be ah-mazing.

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  1. Your post so calm and warm... I imagine my summertime... and feel so happy! Thank you for that feelings!