Friday, January 20, 2012

happy friday!

How can anyone not love the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge?

NPR's top 100 songs of the year

Little Italy

tips for living in your vehicle, written by my friend Liz's fiancé Nathan

holidays 2011 have passed, but this is hilarious!

this tiny little lady is a competitive eater!

an account of what it's like to hear for the first time at age 41— Ellen's reaction to hearing music is so awesome to realize. Isn't music amazing?

advice we'll give when we're grandmothers... if our grandchildren are born before our children...

not a fun topic— but very important

& let's appreciate some seriously funny and honest comedy, via a rant. I can't say I usually like rants at all, but when writing is this good, you kinda gotta appreciate it. Oh yeah, and I went to journalism school with Mickey. #bragging #copyingmickeysskillfuluseofhashtags

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