Friday, June 24, 2011

happy friday!

Photo by Shanti Knight
Austin, Texas, March 2011 (SXSW)
These are the gorgeous blonde locks of Casey of Bits of Yum

What a big day!! I'm on my way back to America, and just in time. Southern Japan had delightfully light, breezy, perfectly warm and perfectly cool weather for the past month, until yesterday, when without warning it switched to outrageously sticky hot and humid weather. In Japan they call it mushi mushi! (Which is different from moshi moshi. That's what they say when they answer the phone.) Today I'll be making a trippy time zone jump when I cross the International Dateline. I will arrive six hours before I left! How wild. Here's some fun from around the Web for a Friday afternoon.

a fantastic fun art blog via my university
ideas for beach reads (I adore this writer's description of trying to read David Foster Wallace's The Pale King as "jogging backward in sand while drunk")
girl power via the great Susan Hyatt
Since I'll have access to a kitchen again, I'm wanting to make these yummy-looking popsicles.
thoughts on valuing children, by my friend JoAnn
I'd love to get this face cream for my papa
I really love Pink and Carey Hart's first family photo with their newborn daughter

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