Friday, June 17, 2011

happy friday!

ready for adventure! via The Steward

It's my final weekend in Japan. Wait, what? I've been working-working-working and spent today in Kyoto, but still managed to find some exciting tidbits from around the webs...

gorgeous custom leather luggage tags
I got this fun mug for my papa for his birthday last month! (Canon, of course.)

inpsiring travel quotes (sets 1 and 2)
my friend Chelsea Sanders is selling her sweet little house in Bloomington, Indiana. If you're looking to move, you should most definitely check it out.

a fascinating breakdown of the recent events in the Middle East
101 revolutionary ways to be healthy
a report on food in Turkey and global meat consumption makes  a case for quality and conscious eating (I unfortunately picked up the habit again this winter after being 4 years clean... now I'm working on weaning myself back off!)
great news for Representative Gabrielle Giffords!
please please please do what you can from wherever you are to help in the search for Lauren Spierer (visit (And congratulations to the Indiana Daily Student on the great feedback they're getting for their on-the-ground reporting)

Also, today is a very special day for birthdays! Leah, Katie and Karina, you June beauties add warmth to my life! xoxo

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