Thursday, February 13, 2014


Image via redthumbreminder

I recently stumbled upon a story about Steve Babcock, whose idea to paint his right thumbnail red (#redthumbreminder) to remind him not to use his phone while driving has sparked conversation across the country. I love the simplicity of his idea, and I love that it's actively contributing to a solution, not just raising "awareness."The concept is that whenever you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is your screamin' red thumb, saying, "Not right now!" It's just brilliant. And like he says in this story, it's such a loud statement on your hand that it's bound to help other people be safer, too after you tell them what you're doing.

I could've used a red thumbnail back in September. I was stopped at a red light and picked up my phone to check my email. When I glanced up and saw the car in front of me moving, I took my foot off my brake, and just a second too soon, my eyes off the road. The car stopped again and I realized too late, so I rear-ended him. Neither of us was even slightly injured, but it was an upsetting wakeup call to see the crushed front end of my parents' Hyundai that I was driving.

To double the good you're doing with your red thumbnail, I recommend using a 3-free nail lacquer like the ones from Butter London (my go-to) to minimize the environmental impact and the impact on your health. Come to Bed Red is sexy and safe ;)

Image via Butter London

So while I'm no longer driving on a regular basis (mass transit is my jam), I will definitely be remembering this next time I know I'll be getting behind the wheel. Happy travels! xo

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