Tuesday, May 7, 2013

just around the next bend...

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There's an aroma dancing through the window I have thrown open to the spring-fresh Upper West Side  courtyard that is my present backyard. It's the intoxicating, simultaneously thrilling and relaxing aroma of meat on a grill. It's specific— there are burgers somewhere close by, and even though I'm now vegan, the aroma still inspires me to close my eyes, breathe it in, let my mind wander in the direction of summer, jumping into pools, sweating even when the sun's not shining, wearing sandals and sundresses. Even though the light is still spring green rather than the deep golden yellow of a midsummer sky, the fact that I can sit here in my nightgown with the window open and not shiver is what has my attention. The big trick is to be here now. It's all we've got.

Image source unknown

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