Wednesday, February 20, 2013

omg, bangs

Image courtesy of YouBeauty

It seems like every time I get bangs, I immediately remember all the reasons I don't want bangs, but I just keep seeing styles I love. Our First Lady debuted fabulous new fringe just a few weeks ago (generating buzz even the president couldn't sidestep, even if the FLOTUS herself is calling them a "midlife crisis"). And I've been catching up on Glee, in which Lea Michele rocks some sweet long bangs. I often use Kate Hudson as my hair inspiration, and even she pulls off bangs with hair similar to mine. (Also noted, every other woman in Hollywood. I said it three years ago, and I'll say it again: ScarJo rocks 'em hard in Lost in Translation.) I think Lea Michele's face shape is similar to mine in some ways— we both have squarish jawlines. Should I do it???

The thing is, bangs are kind of high maintenance. I keep thinking about walking down the avenues with wind blowing and messing up my bangs. Plus I don't have a straightener right now, so it might be kind of a hassle to deal with them without that advantage. Bangs are undeniably youthful, even when they're simultaneously sexy and/or sophisticated... with an already childlike face, would bangs be too much?

Image courtesy of Styleite

Image courtesy of Curvio
I love how Lea's bangs have little pieces on either side that are just a tad longer. You can see them better in this picture:

Image courtesy of Friendly Creationss

Image courtesy of Wet Paint

Image courtesy of Posh24

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