Friday, August 19, 2011

happy friday!

Photo by my friend, photographer Josh Boucher

This week has been a fast-paced and very busy one! So I'm looking forward to relaxing and catching up with friends and with my life. Sunday morning I'm taking a canoe trip with my parents and some friends! Here's my round-up...

I'm cr-azy about Lady Gaga's new single, "You and I." (I listened to it four times consecutively on Tuesday night.) Not surprising, since I love all of her music, but... this one has a different flavor. It feels just like that woodsy, Midwestern bar I imagine she's talking about in the lyrics, infused with the familiar "Bad Romance" dance club sounds. With all that raw, sweet passion and this eyebrow-raisingly conventional ensemble, I think we might be seeing a new side of Gaga. I love her costumes and creativity, but it's refreshing to see her showing that there is a part of her that really is just a mega-rich 25-year-old woman who's looking for a life partner.

Totally into this blog I just stumbled upon called "Wide Open Spaces." Great inspiration materials and a nice escape. I particularly enjoyed this post.

Sweet "Help Japan" posters.

I think I love this "naming personality." I've been on the edge of my seat this week, waiting for Katie to give birth so I can hear her new son's name!

Prints showing children around the world in major cities

newly intrigued with Andrej Pejic

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